This BRAIDED CINNAMON WREATH is one of my favorite new kitchen creations recently tested! A beautiful bread wreath from Just Love Cookin’. It is easy to make and calls for basic ingredients found in almost every kitchen! Anyone can do it!

Zero Waste Tips: Rethink your Resources

  • This one calls for an egg YOLK so it’s a nice one to whip up when you’ve got a lonely yolk laying around!
  • Baked goods can multiply a gift-giving budget!
  • Save money by purchasing these basic ingredients in bulk.
  • Baking at home is an easy and tasty way to reduce or remove the use of plastic bread bags and dessert packaging!
The original recipe has very nice instructional photos on assembling this lovely bread twist.
Get the full recipe here from TOTALLY LOVE IT!

Icing is optional and in my case… so was the wreath!

~ I opted to make 2 free formed loaves instead. Once I had the long dough roll I simply cut it in half and tucked the ends together nicely. You could also place dough in greased loaf pans and allow them to bake into gooey twisted knot like tear-away sticky buns!

hmmm – I’m thinking some TEXAS Pecans sound fitting here! It’s almost the season – I can’t wait for those pecans to start bonking us on the head here so I can try that! 😀

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