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**BEST SELLER SET** – 4 Pc (2 each) Frog and Heart Glass Straws

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Did you know that your “Pyrex®” may NOT be what you think???

This is NOT the TEMPERED glass our precious Pyrex® in NOW made from!

**BEST SELLER SET** – 4 Pc (2 each) Frog and Heart Glass Straws

Pyrex® glass manufactured BY CORNING prior to 1998 is legit! :)

Heavy Walled Zero Waste Glass Straws with re-used glass bottle


Happy Hollow glass Mini mag Stash Jars (1)

All Happy Glass is READY TO GIFT in Beautiful crystal clear Food grade (NO PLASTIC) packaging!

Why Glass Straws? + Drop Test Video Update!

Why GLASS Straws? The truth  {and science} behind the question! + (Video Update)

Here’s a new little video to help demonstrate the durability of this Happy Hollow Glass.

This is for those of you whom already think I’m crazy with all this glass straw talk. The first two drops were from about 24″ and the final two drops were from a standing position!

I hope that this will inspire you to continue learning what a big difference these little glass straws can make and give piece of mind that they are very strong for their purpose! 🙂

Let’s get the obvious out of the way 1st…  all the classics ~

  • Avoid leeching toxins from plastic
  • Reduce landfill waste
  • Durable and guaranteed!
  • They are a reusable – zero waste – vegan friendly product

These are all wonderful qualities of glass straws as a zero waste alternative!

DON’T FORGET to Check out the full post for more details: REAL Health and Earth benefits and advantages of utilizing glass drinking straws.

HHG logo on black 150All Happy Hollow Glass is handcrafted by Lotte` in Austin, Texas and available shipped directly to your door!

Reusable Shopping Bags – Lotte’s Favorite BYOB’s

We’ve marked the 1st anniversary of Austin’s plastic bag ordinance and I want to share some of my FAVORITE reusable shopping bags!

Happy Hollow Glass logoswirl

“Austin’s ordinance is not a ban on plastic or paper bags, but it will drastically reduce the number of flyaway plastic bags that get snagged on tree limbs, clog storm drains and take hundreds of years to decompose in landfills.”

“If we all adopt reuse habits— such as bringing your own bags—we can help Austin reach Zero Waste by 2040

Single-Use Plastic Bag Facts courtesy of Bring it Austin

  • Each year U.S. retailers give out 38 billion single-use paper and plastic carryout bags.

  • Single-use plastic bags can take hundreds of years to decompose in landfills.

  • Thin, single-use bags are a major source of litter and can cause flooding by clogging creeks and storm drains.

  • A high-quality reusable bag can replace 600 thin plastic bags over its lifetime.

  • The petroleum in 14 plastic bags could drive a car one mile.

HHG logo on black 150STOMP the Plastic Habit!

If you shop, if you use plastic bags – Heck, I’ll go so far as to say if you live on this planet…

Visit Bring it Austin for complete information – ALL things BYOB – and HELP do your part!

ANY business interested in addressing social and environmental concerns should check out these suggestions for reducing waste.

Here is another amazing resource for those interested in being part of the Zero Waste SOLUTION.