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Handmade Candy Hearts for My Sweethearts – Molded White Chocolate Hearts

Let’s face it, handmade and from the heart just tastes better!

Today in Happy Hollow I am making Handmade Candy Hearts for My Sweethearts this Valentine’s day!

I scored this amazing silicone mold brand new at a local thrift shop and FINALLY got the chocolate to work with. I know for the quality here, I am definitely saving money as well. DIY for the win again!

I can’t wait to get some paste colors to turn the next batch pink. I may even throw in some greens and blues for my little boy sweethearts. I’m also going to experiment with painting the little “shine” red then adding the chocolate. I think it would make the perfect accent to these gleaming glossy Valentine’s hearts!

I’ve found the best way to melt chocolate is the double broiler. I don’t actually have one so I simply put a metal mixing bowl over a small pan of boiling water.  #RethinkYourResources. You could also use a small pot sitting over a slightly larger pot. The handles are more convenient than a mixing bowl!

Be sure you do NOT get any of your double broiler water in the chocolate or it will seize up into an un-usable crumbly mess.

I can’t wait to give these away to all my loves!

I want to see your handmade sweethearts too. Share in the comments below!

Loving My Gear Master Designs – Re-Purposed Watch Part Necklace!

 Gear Master Designs

RePurposed Watch part necklace by Gear Master DesignsI had the pleasure of meeting and working beside fellow artist Michael Dodson last night at the Bungalow down on Rainey St.

He is the creator of my stunning new re-purposed watch part necklace and tons of other beautiful GEAR Art including lamps, sculptures, furniture and wall art.

Visit Gear Master Designs to order!