22 Caliber Glass Ammo Art – CLEAR – Borosilicate Earrings – Glass Bullets


These artisan glass pieces are individually created with a zero waste philosophy in mind by Little Lotte`, sole artist and owner of Happy Hollow Glass.

Each piece is created using an up-cycled brass shell casing fitted with borosilicate glass that runs the entire length of each ammo cartridge for a realistic weight.

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These are sample photos of the item you will receive.
This matching set consists of clear glass bullet tips.

.22 caliber ammo earrings are one of my best sellers!
Properly kiln annealed, torch worked borosilicate art glass is used for every pair.

Each set comes on a jewelry card retail packaged and ready to gift!
Fun facts about this round:
The .22 Long Rifle rimfire (metric designation: 5.6×15mmR) cartridge is a long-established variety of ammunition, and in terms of units sold is still by far the most common in the world today.

The cartridge is often referred to simply as .22 LR (“twenty-two-/ˈɛl/-/ˈɑːr/”) and various rifles, pistols, revolvers, and even some smoothbore shotguns have been manufactured in this caliber. The cartridge originated from the Flobert BB cap of 1845 through the .22 Smith & Wesson cartridge of 1857, and was developed by the American firearms manufacturer J. Stevens Arms & Tool Company in 1887[4] by combining the casing of the .22 Long with the 40-grain (2.6 g) bullet of the .22 Extra Long. For many decades, it has been a very popular cartridge around the world. It is one of the few cartridges that are accepted by a large variety of rifles, as well as pistols.



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