3″ Sleek – Finger Savers – Cocktail Length Glass Cigarette Holder


3″ Sleek Glass Finger Saver (a.k.a Quellazaire)

Made to order Glass “Finger Savers” – Sleek design – Smoke holder

Now with Inner Diameter (hole size) options!!

20’s inspired glass holders – Modern style – Durable Borosilicate glass


3″ Sleek Glass Cigarette & Pre-roll Holder


Eliminate filter waste, litter and toxins – also reduces product waste by allowing you to smoke to the bitter end!

  • Approx 3″ each
  • Choose your color
  • Choose your ID (inner diameter/hole size)
  • SLEEK – smooth body – no additional detail 
  • Easy to clean
  • Heavy walled borosilicate glass
  • Properly kiln annealed for maximum strength
  • Tapered to fit various sizesMade to order – Choose from available options on checkout.
    — sample items are shown, photos are not the actual items —
    Yours will be made to order.
    Others may be shown as customization samples or packaging examples.*******listing is for one item*****They may be used with or without filters and fit various pre-rolled paper cones.
    Easy to clean
    Heavy walled borosilicate glass
    Properly kiln annealed for maximum strength
    Tapered to fit various sizes
    Artisan crafted glassBy Little Lotte’ – Minnesota Made
    While I may strive for perfection, it is not a trait of handcrafted items. Please expect subtle variations, and always feel free to contact me if you have any problems with your order!

Where there’s smoke there’s fire by Russell Patterson

“The holder was also used as a practical accessory, as before the advent of filtered cigarettes in the 1960s, the holder would encase a filter. Though modern cigarettes are generally manufactured with an existing filter, filtered cigarette holders are still used as a secondary filtration system, and to prevent nicotine staining of the fingers.[1]

A similar holder made of wood, meerschaum or bakelite and with an amber mouthpiece was used for cigars and was a popular accessory for men from the Edwardian period until the 1920s.


As with evening gloves, ladies’ cigarette holders are measured by four traditional formal standard lengths:

  • opera length, usually 16 to 20 inches/40 to 50 cm
  • theatre length, 10 to 14 inches/25 to 35 cm
  • dinner length, 4 to 6 inches/10 to 15 cm
  • cocktail length, which includes shorter holders[1]

Traditionally, men’s cigarette holders were no more than 4 inches long[2]” (Thank you wiki for this very useful info!)



Additional information


Amber, Aqua, Black, Charcoal Grey, Clear, Cobalt, Green, Green – Transparent, Jade Green, Lavender, Milky Blue, Milky Violet, Mint Green, Pink, Sky (LT) Blue, Yellow

Inner Diameter (Hole Size)

6mm, 7mm, 8mm Standard, 9mm


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