Black Handled Vial – Tiny Amphoriskos – Green Peek Window – Attached Cork

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Handcrafted – Greek Inspired Glass Vessels

By Little Lotte`

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 Greek Inspired Contemporary Art Glass
Wire Wrapped Amphoriskos Vessel with attached cork
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Black, Green and Yellow Storm Swirl Vial with chained cork (24)

  • Approx 1.25″ (glass only – mouth to point)
  • Handcrafted vessel with natural cork. Not the crumbly stuff!
  • Properly annealed borosilicate.

Photos are the actual ready to ship item!

This piece was striped with lime colored glass that was then swirled into little storms around the vessel.

The bottom had a transparent window swirled through the black glass for a little peek at your vials contents.

Dark glass also helps preserve what you put in this vial as it will help block UV light!

The glass handles here are approx 3mm x 5mm oblong holes for hemp or other jewelry making.  

These glass handled vials are highly recommended for wearable jewelry that will thread through the handles as opposed to the wired wrapped/loop style handles – Borosilicate is much stronger than wire but it is absolutely your preference on use!

Blown from 12mm HEAVY walled tube – Belly measures approx. 3/4″ at the widest point.

Fit with a size 1 cork – the opening is approx 9 – 10mm (ie. regular pencil is approx 7-8mm in diameter)

As a handcrafted quality – measurements may vary slightly – every piece is a unique one of a kind.

 Learn More about historical and contemporary inspirations at the root of my works.

An amphora (English plural: amphorae or amphoras) is a type of container of a characteristic shape and size, descending from at least as early as the Neolithic Period. Amphorae were used in vast numbers for the transport and storage of various products, both liquid and dry, but mostly for wine.

Linear B Ideogram B209.svg

The Latin word derived from the Greek amphoreus (ἀμφορεύς), an abbreviation of amphiphoreus (ἀμφιφορεύς), a compound word combining amphi- (“on both sides”, “twain”)[3] plus phoreus (“carrier”), from pherein (“to carry”), referring to the vessel’s two carrying handles on opposite sides.[4]

Amphorae varied greatly in height. The largest stands as tall as 1.5 metres (5ft) high, while some were fewer than 30 centimetres (12in) high – the smallest were called amphoriskoi (literally “little amphorae”).

Stories in Clay: Decoding Ancient Greek Pottery

 …..Another striking feature of this jar is the complete absence of a foot. Most vases have a firm support at the very bottom, in part to help with stability. The lack of a foot here shows that the potter, or possibly his patron, felt unfettered by the existing conventions of the time—and it made for a tippy jar. Some jars with narrow bottoms would have been placed in a stand.

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Wire wrapping/cork chain inspiration, techniques, and tutorials graciously shared by fellow artist –  Jodi Hesting of


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