Cotton Candy – Handmade Glass Bullet Pendant – .223 Caliber with Gift Pouch and Copper Chain

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It’s a great unisex pieces but the ladies are LOVING this one with its “Cotton Candy” color sceme!

I’ve added a jump ring hoop directly to each firing cap for a solid metal to metal connection transforming these up-cycled – found objects into beautiful, quality – keepsake pendants and ornaments!

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American Glass Glass Bullets (3)

The .223 Remington (5.56×45mm) is a cartridge that is ballistically in between its predecessors, the .222 Remington, and the .222 Remington Magnum. The .223/5.56 was developed to fit the action length of the new M16 service rifle. The .223/5.56 quickly became popular as a civilian cartridge because of the availability of brass, and the chambering of commercial varmint rifles in that caliber. Shortly after military acceptance of the M16, the semi-automatic version, the AR-15 became available, making the .223 cartridge even more popular.

These artisan glass pieces are individually crafted using found objects with a zero waste philosophy in mind.

The glass bullet in this piece is created from “Cotton Candy” Inspired colored latticino set in a .223 cartridge. 

Glass fills the entire length of each casing creating a very realistic weight.

 Each is a one of a kind handcrafted work delivered ready to wear with the chain shown in these actual photos. Cotton muslin gift and storage pouch is included.

".223 Remington" by Francis Flinch
“.223 Remington” by Francis Flinch
Your one and only ~ Little Lotte`
Your one and only Happy Hollow Glass artist ~ Little Lotte`
This piece includes a 22″ copper chain with lobster clasp



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