Custom Wine Bottle – Mini – Encased Glass Heart with Frog **Taking Orders**


 ~ Now accepting custom orders for this piece.

Mini Wine Bottle with Frog attached and encased glass heart inside.

16mm – heavy walled borosilicate tube

Out of stock


This is a custom made miniature wine bottle with ruby red heart inside

  • Heart is free moving (not attached inside)
  • This vial is still fully functional for oils, perfumes, serums and more!
  • The heart will NOT come out of the vial.

This is a one of a kind – made to order listing

Frog detail and color will vary per piece

  • 4″ Kraft gift box included
  • Created from heavy walled 16mm outter diameter borosilicate tube.
  • Approx: 3.5″ long +/- each item will vary
  • Photos are samples only. Your piece will be made upon placing and order.


Backorders are now allowed for this item – please allow up to 10 days for delivery.

Thanks for your patience! It will ship as soon as possible!


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