Galaxy Stash – Black, Heavy Walled Herb Jar – STOMP of Approval – Signed


As a signature classic – Happy Hollow Glass fan favorite – each one receives the STOMP of approval!

Made to order


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Handcrafted to order – Galaxy Stash herb jar.

Dry Bulk herb storage essentials – Great for an endless array of  items you may need to keep fresh! Clear Jars make a wonderful tiny tincture steeper when you only need a tiny amount as with the very potent clove bud. Dark glass is wonderful for storage and travel of your favorite, decanted or filtered, homemade tinctures.

  • Black  and  Amber will block UV light that can devalue the contents of your vial.
  • Each is approx 2.5″ – 3″  tall and includes a real natural cork – Not the crumbly stuff!
  • Extra Heavy walled – now made with a wider diameter 1 1/4″ tube
  • Amber and Black shown in photos (clear will have same deco on clear base)

Now made with a larger diameter (approx 1.25″ wide)

Rainbows of color are captured on the surface of this Galaxy jar by “fuming” with .999 Pure Silver. It will look different on each color and the heaviness will vary with each herb jar. Silver on Clear glass appears as a yellow hue and will reflect colors when full of darker material. Silver Fume is what makes a glass pipe change colors with use. Jars are not “used” the same way and therefore, will not change color as noticeably.

These pieces are admired for their beauty and ability to still subtly change colors in the right lighting and sun rays! 

Each is handcrafted by Little Lotte`


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