Tiny Rasta Vial Pendant – 1.5″ Bottle for Hemp necklace

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Awesome Rasta TINY Vial

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Fancy glass for your bulk herbs, oils, tinctures and more.

These babies (all puns fully intended) keep you stash where you put it.

Many customers send stories of use for ashes and more – Keep mementos near your heart.

Colored glass will help block UV light that can devalue the contents of your vials.

This amazing little creature was born from the end of a rasta tube that just couldn’t go to waste! It comes with a high grade natural cork seal.

Mouth is an average of 1/4″ and the clear handle clasp is about 6-7mm for larger sized HEAVY cords and HEMP!

I’ve included some sample photos of ready made Jewelry using my Stash Wear Glass – Also available!


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