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Now Accepting Bitcoin! What, When, Where & Why Happy Hollow is Happy to Oblige

WHAT is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency.

  1.  It is the payment network known as “Bitcoin” and
  2. It is the currency used on that network in the form of “bitcoins”.

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Credit or Debit? is SO 2013!

No – My prices did not go up^ – The VALUE of the dollar just dropped again!

Better Money-

If you have made a purchase with a paper dollar bill recently you are not alone in finding it steadily and continually loosing value. I used to reference “penny candy” as a fast and familiar example of this, unfortunately today’s youngsters may have never considered the thought of paying just one penny for a piece of candy. Unheard of! The bottom line is clear – For each un-backed USD paper dollar I am made to believe that I need – I must work a little harder – sacrifice a little more.  Why? Because everyday it is a little more valueless and nearing extinction.

Happy Hollow Glass Welcomes Bitcoin!

As a self-employed glass and multi-media artist I utilize several sales avenues including local street vending, this Blog, and all Happy Hollow Glass shops, (locally hosted by  Webhosting.Coop!…pstttt – they accept bitcoin too –  just sayin…)  I have a unique interest in Bitcoin on multiple levels.

I am proud to announce as a small business owner that I am now accepting bitcoin for face to face transactions and online. BuyHappyGlass and ZeroWasteStraws are  both set up to accept bitcoin directly on-line during checkout.

I’m also never opposed to a fair trade from fellow artists ~ precious metals are useful to glass artists in more ways that one – starting with actually making the glass change color!

More on Bartering, Skill Trade – coming soon

Bitcoin is EXACTLY  BETTER than what I was asking for:

I am a maker focused on functional art – living in the #1 RANKING Country of consumers in the WORLD – There must be a way to obtain the things that I need for my family with what I already have to offer! 

VisaMasterDiscoverAmexStill letting banks and processors skim your self employment salary?

I have encountered my share of “Ramen noodle days” if you will and just like the majority – not only do I live “paycheck to paycheck” I literally live “Happy Glass sale” to “Happy Glass sale”. I am the only artist creating this artwork and these products – they are not mass produced. Each is the result of many years of learning and continual practice.

As with ANY small business, that means  EVERY DIME really COUNTS! Including the SUM of all processing fees paid thus far. I will try to come up with a number to relate the wasted fees with as soon as I know roughly how much I’ve handed over for nothing more than “air-time”.

More info on how Bitcoin helps me KEEP WHAT’S MINE during the entire process coming soon– no one else is ever in charge of my bitcoins. I treat them to be more valuable than cash (and second to silver).

For the moment, I will leave it up to the pros at YBitcoin to explain technical details beyond the definitions above. I have made a few audio clips of an article from the publication that may help further explain the roots of why it is a welcome alternative to modern living.

All of those promised details to why I LOVE alternative currencies and have adopted Bitcoin are very soon to come! Updated continually: [3/12/14]

Thank you for your patience while I catch up after this years SXSW events!


How to get started <— click there

Here’s an absolutely FANTASTIC way to put your first bitcoins to good use for a good cause and get the “Your Name Here” Etched Glass – Up-cycled Water Bottle” made just for you by Lotte`!

Glass QR CodeWant to see more projects like the glass QR code you may have scanned to get here?

Happy Hollow Studio wish list…  Cricut Cutter
  • Cricut Mini Electronic Cutting Machine = $80 (on ebay!)
  • This item is on the list of new studio tools that I intend pay for with bitcoins.
  • It will allow me to offer a wider range of products for the Glass for Good project.

This little device can shave hours of time currently spent hand cutting custom stencils – It would allow me to transform an endless variety of glass pieces into wonderful up-cycled works of art!