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New Composition Presented by Midw3stBruhh Productions

New Composition Presented by Midw3stBruhh Productions – featuring new album art by Little Lotte`.

LISTEN NOW: Midw3stBruhh Valentine’s Day Collective 

Select album art by Little Lotte – (Yours truly! ) 🙂

MidW3stBruhh Productions
“Audible Art
This is Music From the Future”

Dreadneck Wednesdays at Flamingo Cantina – Downtown Austin

Come on downtown Austin, TEXAS every Wednesday night for “Dread-neck Wednesday” at Flamingo Cantina!

FREE REGGAE each week with the Mau Mau Chaplains!

This is my FAVORITE chill spot to meet amazing friends!

Texas Norml also holds their annual monthly meetings here on the 1st Wed. of each month!

515 East 6th Street, Austin, TX 78701


This is just a little of what else the area has to offer – Let’s face it folks… This is Austin and we are NOT lacking on things to do… or food trailers!!  🙂

Get out the house Y’ALL!!

Liquid Sandy Land

Press Play to Listen to “Liquid Sandy Land”

More #Audible Art by MidW3stBruhh Productions on Soundcloud ~ Listen Now
Liquid Sandy Land
This is an edited photo of the triple glass mushroom implosion dabber created in 2013.

There’s more than one way to enjoy

 Happy Hollow Glass

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