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The Aviary features Happy Hollow Glass Straws at their cocktail lounge – Chicago, IL

The Aviary, located in the West Loop, features creative cocktails, delicious food, and Happy Hollow Glass cocktail straws!

Happy Hollow Glass straw in an Aviary cocktail – left center (photo credit to The Aviary)

I call them Zero Waste Straws. My borosilicate glass drinking straws are sleek and elegant. Crystal clear, easy to clean, and extremely durable! Crafted from lab-quality materials in the USA, Happy Hollow Glass straws are designed to withstand the thermal shock they may be subject to, such as extreme heat from commercial dishwashing equipment. They have been known to bounce off the floor, but there’s no need to test the theory. I do remind customers that they are still glass, while I beat them on my bench like drumsticks as a demonstration of their strength!

I’m excited to be writing this right now because The Aviary has found me again after ordering my 14mm bubble tea straws several years ago, back in 2018 I believe.

I’m incredibly excited to work with them again and provide their beloved cocktail straws once more!

DON’T WORRY – I will be updating inventory just as soon as possible. There were some major site issues for a minute. Thanks for your patience. 🙂

2022 Event lineup at The Hairy Mosquito – Home of Happy Hollow Glass – Milaca, Mn.

We’ve been buzzing around The Hairy Mosquito in anticipation of our first event of 2022! The Flea Market, Memorial Day Weekend.

Click for Facebook event – Follow for updates!

Be sure to print off an application HERE if you’d like to join us as a vendor. This event is “anything goes” pretty much! Buy, Sell, Trade. Only $25 per 10×10 space, there’s sure to be $$$$ made.

We’re located directly off Highway 169 North, just 5 miles past Milaca Unclaimed Freight. Weekend cabin traffic is busy busy. The Hairy Mosquito is the perfect stop to get out and stretch your legs. There’s local Heggies pizza (made right in Milaca, Mn.) Delicious, creamy, Bridgeman’s ice cream, served at an actual, real-life old-fashioned Bridgeman’s soda fountain bar that functioned in Otsego, Mn. out of the ole’ drug store!

21287 Hwy 169, Milaca, Mn. 56353

Needless to add, this is a FANTASTIC location for busy SALE traffic this coming Memorial Day weekend and for all events. The Rock n Gem show is growing every time and our Bloodsucker Bash is a MUST!

2022 Events at The Hairy Mosquito Trading Co. Visit for more details.

We can’t wait to see you!

The above application includes selections for each event. You can reach out HERE for information about becoming a vendor at the Rock n’ Gem Show! Tell them Lotte’ – the Happy Hollow Glass girl sent ya! 😉