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It is estimated that 500 million plastic straws are used daily in the United States.

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Data collected by the Ocean Conservancy found that plastic straws are one of the top 10 items picked up at beach cleanups worldwide.

  • It is estimated that 500 million plastic straws are used daily in the United States. 

Reduce, Re-Use, Re-purpose, then Recycle.
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That’s 40 Bus Loads a DAY y’all!

  • Most plastic straws are used by the fast food industry.

  • It is estimated that McDonalds alone uses at least 60 million plastic straws worldwide per day.

#HappyHollowGlass #Stomptheplastichabit #ZeroWasteStraws #BuyHappyGlass

Why Glass Straws? + Drop Test Video Update!

Why GLASS Straws? The truth  {and science} behind the question! + (Video Update)

Here’s a new little video to help demonstrate the durability of this Happy Hollow Glass.

This is for those of you whom already think I’m crazy with all this glass straw talk. The first two drops were from about 24″ and the final two drops were from a standing position!

I hope that this will inspire you to continue learning what a big difference these little glass straws can make and give piece of mind that they are very strong for their purpose! 🙂

Let’s get the obvious out of the way 1st…  all the classics ~

  • Avoid leeching toxins from plastic
  • Reduce landfill waste
  • Durable and guaranteed!
  • They are a reusable – zero waste – vegan friendly product

These are all wonderful qualities of glass straws as a zero waste alternative!

DON’T FORGET to Check out the full post for more details: REAL Health and Earth benefits and advantages of utilizing glass drinking straws.

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