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That’s a Wrap – How to Change the Heat Wrap on Your Glass Blunt

The heat wrap on a Happy Hollow Glass blunt is heat shrink similar to what an electrician would use. You may need to know how to change it for two reason's.

  1. It is either very old and time for an update – or,
  2. it is NOT worn at all but you just can’t wait to use those other colors you got! (only available for 12mm pieces – classics and minis – No deluxe)

NOW, You can Learn How by visiting the New Post at BuyGlassBlunts.com  ~ “That’s a Wrap“!

Available on Backorder. What does that mean Lotte`?

While shopping on any one of my sites, you may select a Happy Hollow Glass Fan Favorite ~A.K.A. “Austin – ite Favor – ite’s“.

They earn their name and place in the Buy Happy Glass category by becoming unquestionable TOP SELLERS while I’m vending at local events!

Fan favorites are generally in stock and ready to ship.

I do my best to replenish stock as they sell to keep a steady and accurate inventory.

Let’s face it…. unfortunately I cannot vend and blow glass at the same time, …..not yet that is! That’s another story… and will be coming sooN! 😀

Inventory is controlled for these items; they are always available with a made to order option. If you have selected a particular item stating “in stock” and the cart shows “available on backorder” – actual quantity is less than selected. To check actual quantity reduce or increase it using the +/- signs in your cart and press “update”.

Items are ready to ship unless noted “available on backorder” in which case they are made and shipped within 36-48 business hours.
That’s a lie – I’m a little OCD and most items ship in less than 24 hours… but should I get one of those busy weeks ~ I like to have some cushion!
 **items noted “ONLY available on backorder” are NOT stocked and only made when actually ordered.

It is best to allow at least one full week before you start to get concerned on ANY shipment from ANY body. Remember, tracking information is attached directly to every order once it is available.

 Cherry Mushroom Pendant (advance notice – this one is MADE to Order!) 😀