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Artisan Festival & Rock N’ Gem Show @ The Hairy Mosquito Trading CO – June 10th/11th, 2023

The Hairy Mosquito’s Artisan Festival & The Rock N’ Gem Show (normally back-to-back weekends in June) will be combining into ONE Superior Event.”

Visit the official event page.

From your Host and Hostest Dale & Sara Fure – Dale’s Rocks & More!

“You are invited to join us at The Rock ‘N Gem & Artisan Show!! There’s Adventures for Everyone!! There will be over 65 vendors set up in an outdoor park-like setting, selling Everything Rock & Crystal Related! There will also be Many other Artisans that are offering their own personal creations just for you to choose from! Perfect for the weekenders going up north and coming home right on Highway 169! This FREE event is within an easy drive from the cities for a daytime family trip. We would love to see you there! It’s going to be amazing!”

The Rock ‘N Gem & Artisan Show

April 1st & 2nd – Elk River, MN

Furniture and Things Community Event Center

Join us for this ROCK ON event! There is more than you can imagine!

Hosted by my friends Dale and Sara – Dale’s Rocks and More

“Come & enter an exciting world where Artisans are showing their one-of-a-kind pieces! We are coming together to present Unique Rocks, crafts and collections! It’s Amazing!”

I’m excited to be there featuring my latest wire wrapping work and as always, Happy Hollow Glass!

Click to visit the facebook event page!

Swamp Dweller Art – Natural Elements – Fine Art by Robert ‘DOC’ Watson

I have personally known Doc for 8 years. (about the time he went -off the radar- as far as Facebook goes.) – If you ever meet Doc in person, ask him the story about his laptop! 💻 Trust me, it’ll be worth it!😄

Check out those Morels!

As you’ll read below, He is one of our ‘seasoned’ fellow artists. He has been in the game longer than some of y’all have been alive! (no offense anybody – just facts!)👈

SHOP SwampDweller Art via HappyHollowGlass.

Doc is one of the artists that I will personally be handling logistics for, Some of his works are crrently available on my website.

The following is an introduction directly from your artist – Doc Watson –

⭐ Swamp Dweller Art started as “Rocks by Doc” back in the 90s. Back then I was working with Pipestone carving, beadwork and leather goods. I was also teaching at the American Indian center at SCSU [St. Cloud State University]. That was until I met this feller one day, who told me about Rendezvous and about making black powder guns. So.. I thought I’d try my hand at that. I did, and went on to making small cannons and knives with carved antler handles. Then I heard about a place called The Hairy Mosquito Trading Company. That was about 15 years ago and I have become a part of the family there. In fact, I’ve had a working studio inside for the past 3 years. I’ve been creating for the better part of 30 years.

“I bring your ideas to life through unique, individual pieces of art, using natural elements, wood, antler, and leather.” – Robert ‘Doc’ Watson

⭐ – Swamp Dweller Art- ⭐
Stick around for Doc’s Candy Cannon!

Doc is one of my best friends and an artist that I work with on a regular basis. Weekly at minimun during our season here in MN. We have neigboring studios; I smell the sage when he burns it! (“…and some of my incense are a little strong.”) 🤣
🎂 IN FACT – DOC and I share a birthday too! (how could I almost foget that?!) We seldom have an August event and it has become tradition that our August event is Our Leo birthdays! ♌ 🦁
🔜We are in the process of getting Doc back on-line so you will actively be able to communicate with your artist and discuss custom requests/orders directly.
📣I will be sharing some of Docs available works just as soon as the weather lets us keep our plans to meet up!
Stay tuned – Doc says “It’s the year of the Gnome!” and I think that’s the first thing we’re gonna post. They are the BEST spring gift – especially for your garden Gnome loving friends and family! 🍄

Pipestone Fatboy with custom bags – By Doc – For Sale