2022 Event lineup at The Hairy Mosquito – Home of Happy Hollow Glass – Milaca, Mn.

We’ve been buzzing around The Hairy Mosquito in anticipation of our first event of 2022! The Flea Market, Memorial Day Weekend.

Click for Facebook event – Follow for updates!

Be sure to print off an application HERE if you’d like to join us as a vendor. This event is “anything goes” pretty much! Buy, Sell, Trade. Only $25 per 10×10 space, there’s sure to be $$$$ made.

We’re located directly off Highway 169 North, just 5 miles past Milaca Unclaimed Freight. Weekend cabin traffic is busy busy. The Hairy Mosquito is the perfect stop to get out and stretch your legs. There’s local Heggies pizza (made right in Milaca, Mn.) Delicious, creamy, Bridgeman’s ice cream, served at an actual, real-life old-fashioned Bridgeman’s soda fountain bar that functioned in Otsego, Mn. out of the ole’ drug store!

21287 Hwy 169, Milaca, Mn. 56353

Needless to add, this is a FANTASTIC location for busy SALE traffic this coming Memorial Day weekend and for all events. The Rock n Gem show is growing every time and our Bloodsucker Bash is a MUST!

2022 Events at The Hairy Mosquito Trading Co. Visit www.hairymosquito.com for more details.

We can’t wait to see you!

The above application includes selections for each event. You can reach out HERE for information about becoming a vendor at the Rock n’ Gem Show! Tell them Lotte’ – the Happy Hollow Glass girl sent ya! 😉

Flea Market Application The Mosquito Market- Hosted by HHG

Flea Market Vendor Application – Buy, Sell Trade – All vendors welcome!  

Flea Market at The Hairy Mosquito Trading Co. Hosted by @HappyHollowGlass  

2022 Kick-off event @The Hairy Mosquito Trading Co!

May 28th, 29th, 30th 10 am-5 pm (Memorial Day Weekend)  

Fees cover fliers and advertising. Your booth fee helps to advertise this event. Please remit as soon as possible. This also helps determine event size for our food vendors.  

Food vendors, please remit the application no later than APRIL 30, 2022. Thank you! 

* $25 per (10’x10’) space. Kick-off deal of the season!!!  This event only! 

Print Application – Click Here

Return your completed application via e-mail to: hairymosquito@hotmail.com. 

Payments: Contact us directly at 320-983-5240 for phone payments. 

Make checks payable to The Hairy Mosquito Trading Co. – (Mail with complete, signed application to 21287 US Hwy. 169, Milaca, MN. 56353)  

Finger Savers – Original Glass Cigarette Holders – 10 Years – #1 best seller

OG – Finger Savers by Lotte’ ~ Signature finger savers since 2011!

OG – Glass Cigarette Holders by Lotte’ since 2011! Happy 10 year anniversary “FINGER SAVERS”!

I have always found a way to think of quirky little terms for my items. Little Lotte’ lingo if you will. Rewind to 2011, Austin, Texas y’all! My friends and I were sitting around utilizing these little creations when I said I needed something catchy; something faster and more exciting than just “glass cigarette holders”. They were a brand new design based on some clay & stone style holders that I had noticed at the local smoke shop. My glass versions had been born and they just needed a name, FINGER SAVERS!! That’s it! ….and that is EXACTLY what they do! It was perfect.

Little did I know, at the time, I was not the only person seeking this style of glass cigarette holder. I had been rolling my own tobacco to save cash and I was so sick of the yellowish-brown, smelly, and even sometimes sticky feeling skin and nails on my smoking fingers! I was a street vendor at the time and it was embarrassing to work face to face with customers. As a glass artist, how could I and have this problem? I have always been a pretty creative problem solver and I just knew I could come up with a simple design that would be beautiful, versatile, and functional. I did not know that they would quickly become a Happy Hollow Glass fan favorite!
***Most popular seller since 2015*** Thank you all Happy Glass Fans for your ongoing local support.
UPDATE:: 2021 – Make sure you look for my shop name HappyHollowHello when ordering. I’ve recently found my titles being used -word for word- stolen by multiple shops with few sales, that are shipping from China. Don’t let the title thieves fool you. I coined the term “FINGER SAVERS” over 10 years ago, designed them, and have been making them by hand, one by one on a daily basis ever since! Originally created in Spicewood, Texas. Crafted and exclusively sold in person by me. Little Lotte’ – Happy Hollow Glass. I currently ship from Minnesota state! 🙂

Finger Savers
Sleek design – 2021. CLICK the PIC to SHOP NOW 3″ Finger Savers!

NEW SLEEK Design you’ve all been waiting for!
5 NEW colors added for 2021!

Finger savers help eliminate the stinky, yellowed fingertips from hand-rolled tobacco.

They can be used with or without a filtered paper, hand-rolled cigs, pre-made rolling tubes, and also work great for pre-made cone filter papers.

Also available in LARGE 16mm cigar size at the following link to my shop: COMING SOON (message me for custom orders for 16mm sleek design)
NEW – CHOOSE from Classic 2″, 3″ or 5″
12mm – outer diameter – approx 8-9mm ID (inner diameter, hole size)
Easy to clean
Heavy walled borosilicate glass
Properly kiln annealed for maximum strength
Tapered to fit various sizes
Modern glass with 1920s, Vintage inspiration

NEW color Finger Savers and classic favorites! 2021 marks 10 years of Happy Hollow Glass signature Finger Savers! They are now a #1 seller!

Select from transparent lavender, cobalt blue (dark), transparent pink, golden amber brown, transparent green, clear, black, or aqua.
NEW in 2021: Mint green, Yellow, Purple (opaque), Charcoal Gray, and Sky blue
Not Shown: Imperial green (opaque, slightly darker than mint green shown)

NEW in 2021: Mint green, Yellow, Purple (opaque), Charcoal Gray, and Sky blue
Not Shown: Imperial green (opaque, slightly darker than mint green shown)

Check other listings and save on multi-pack purchases! They make great gifts!!

Artisan crafted glass – All pieces are consistently made by the same artist – slight variations will naturally occur with all handcrafted work.

MADE TO ORDER – Photos are samples – Allow additional time for processing and expect subtle variations. Shipping time is set for made to order listings and shows 1-2 weeks, HOWEVER, MOST orders will ship within 5-7 business days with the exception of peak holiday seasons.

Handcrafted by Little Lotte`

Artisan Crafted Glass by Lotte` – Online and On-Site @ Hairy Mosquito Trading Co., Milaca, Minnesota