Green Glass Oil Vial Pendant – A little wonky – Tiny Hand Blown Amphoriskos Vessel

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This is a one of a kind Greek inspired tincture oil vessel pendant. {actual photos}

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Sample Photo - item does not have dots like this

 Greek Inspired Contemporary Art Glass
Amphoriskos Vessel 

(This item does not have the 3 dots on it like the sample photo with the gold dollar and hemp – shown for size comparison) First 3 photos are the ACTUAL item.

Fancy glass for your bulk herbs, oils, tinctures and more.

Are you a wire wrapper?

SAVE with this little guy – located in Can’t win ’em all – it is a perfectly functional vessel but its shape got just a little wonky. Maybe a fellow artist can make some additions and create a lovely Stash Wear piece of their own!

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These glass handled vials are highly recommended for wearable jewelry that will thread through the handles as opposed to the wired wrapped/loop style handles – Borosilicate is much stronger than wire but it is absolutely your preference on use!

  • Blown from 12mm HEAVY walled tube – Belly measures approx. 3/4″ at the widest point.
  • Fit with a size 1 cork – the opening is approx 9 – 10mm (ie. regular pencil is approx 7-8mm in diameter)

As a handcrafted quality – measurements may vary slightly – every piece is a unique one of a kind.


Colored glass will help block UV light that can devalue the contents of your vials.

I’ve included some sample photos of ready made Jewelry using Happy Hollow Glass Stash Wear.

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