Handcrafted Glass Bullet – Real Shell Casing – 2/2 – 30 -O6 – Amber


I am stoked to introduce one of the latest additions to the Happy Hollow Glass family. Handcrafted Glass Bullets in real casings!

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These artisan glass pieces are individually created with a zero waste philosophy in mind by Lotte`, sole artist and owner of Happy Hollow Glass in Austin, Texas.

Each up cycled shell casing has either been gifted to the studio by local friends or I may have personally hand-picked it in the desert of Belen, New Mexico. I consider myself an avid rock-hound and simply could not resist these beautiful brass findings out there! I knew they’d come in handy – eventually!

The glass bullet in this piece is golden amber glass with pure silver fuming that add nice metallic variations.

This is a 30-O6 shell casing with various rings and hoops attached.

Glass Bullet jewelry (1)
Solid metal – soldered connection

I’ve soldered a copper clasp directly to each firing cap for a solid metal to metal connection.

Glass bullets fill the entire length of each casing creating a very realistic weight. Each ‘bullet’ is then attached with high quality jewelry glue in the cavity of the casing, transforming these up-cycled – found objects into beautiful, quality – keepsake pendants and ornaments!

An adjustable suede cord necklace is include with each gift. (color may vary)


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