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AUSTIN Bats – Congress Bridge – Souvenir Collector Art Glass Blunt – LIMITED – Support BCI

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AUSTIN Bats – Congress Bridge – Souvenir Collector Art Glass Blunt – LIMITED – Support BCI

AUSTIN Bats – Congress Bridge – Souvenir Collector Art Glass Blunt!

Happy Hollow Glass is actively researching ways to support Bat Conservation International (BCI) aka. BatCon, a local bat conservation group. A portion of this purchase will ultimatlely support these organizations through Glass for Good – A program by Happy Hollow Glass that offers Supreme Quality – art glass inventory that is custom designed, created and donated 100% Free of charge to each organization. They are then able to offer these customized pieces to their supporters as merchandise during local events and awareness campaigns. Custom Glass is currently being offered to Texas Norml in the form of S.O.S. Jars. Bats will be created in the form of jars, pendants and Zero Waste Straws! I am currently awaiting more information from BatCON – a Local non-profit, as well as learning more about adopting a bat for each of my kids this Christmas!

Congress Avenue Bridge

bcigraylogo“A Little History (directly from Bat Conservation International)

Every summer night, hundreds of people gather to see the world’s largest urban bat colony emerge from under the Congress Avenue Bridge.These 1.5 million bats are fun to watch, but they’re also making our world a better place to live.

When engineers reconstructed downtown Austin’s Congress Avenue Bridge in 1980 they had no idea that new crevices beneath the bridge would make an ideal bat roost. Although bats had lived there for years, it was headline news when they suddenly began moving in by the thousands. Reacting in fear and ignorance, many people petitioned to have the bat colony eradicated.

About that time, BCI stepped in and told Austinites the surprising truth: that bats are gentle and incredibly sophisticated animals; that bat-watchers have nothing to fear if they don’t try to handle bats; and that on the nightly flights out from under the bridge, the Austin bats eat from 10,000 to 20,000 pounds of insects, including agricultural pests.”

Please NOTE: These are novelty ART GLASS items.

While they are perfectly functional and just as durable as any other Happy Hollow Glass.

PLEASE be advised – the BAT WINGS are free form sculptural glass and pose a higher risk of breaking simply by design.

Extra care should be taken in storing, using and cleaning these pieces in particular.

How it works: ” Anatomy of a Glass Blunt” an original sketch by Lotte’ showing function and tips!

Borosilicate glass is specifically designed to withstand thermal shock.
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