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Fast Shipping – Always Discreet Delivery at Buy Happy Glass

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Fast Shipping – Always Discreet Delivery

Choose Priority shipping for insured delivery - FAST! (5)

NEW – Priority Packaging is in!

Select Priority on checkout for FAST – Insured – Discreet delivery!

All Happy Hollow Glass (first class and Priority alike) is shipped discreetly but will have the studio name “Happy Hollow Glass” in the return address.

Rest assured that my creations stem much deeper that smokers glass alone.

The majority of my works are inspired by historical and cultural vessels as well as a zero waste philosophy.

I am best known for my Happy Hollow Glass – Zero Waste Straws, Micro vials and stash wear earrings.

If you still need adjustments please let me know or NOTE your order on checkout.

In an effort to continue offering custom personalized art glass options

**Custom Order shipping speed adjustments will soon take effect.

Your Name Here – Custom pieces – SALE PRICE through the end of September!

Please NOTE – Currently many items are made to order as noted in each listing.

These items are stated to ship within 2-3 business days. I strive to make orders as they come in and ship within 24 hours.

As custom order pieces are becoming more popular

– and due to the fact the I am just one artist! :-)

Thank you my friend Pete Longworth for your remarkable photography!

Happy Hollow Glass – Austin, Texas

I will be adjusting my custom order shipping time to extend up to 4 or 5 business days of your order date. This is set to take effect Monday, August 19th 2013. Order soon to get yours FAST!

I will be adjusting listings to reflect the new shipping times and updating inventory to clearly show what items are READY to ship.

These changes will be made throughout the end of August.

Thank you in advance for your patients while I make these adjustments.

Custom orders are always welcome and special shipping times or arrangements can be made.

Just “Ask the Artist“!


One tiny shard of the specially formulated HOT glass – borosilicate can destroy the viscosity of an entire furnace of recycling soft glass cullet (the regular stuff). I’m finding that people are unaware of the fact that borosilicate glass, aka. Pyrex® and tempered glass, CANNOT be recycled along with common jars and bottles.

Learn More at zws