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Hand Cut – Etched Glass – Local Upcycled Buddha’s Brew Kombucha Bottle

“What’s from the Earth is of the greatest worth” – Ben Harper

This is an upcycled Buddha’s Brew Kombucha bottle that I just finished up. The etched image is Bob marley of course but I still found Ben Harpers quote fitting for this one – considering the Kombucha and flowers and all 🙂

Find Peace at the bottom of every bottle!
WANTED - BUDDHA'S Brew Bottles!
Sweet Leaf Glass Bottles - Upcycled - Personalized and etched by Happy Hollow Glass ATX (6)
YOU ROCK that Happy Glass! Samples on Sweet Leaf Bottles – Learn how to get yours FREE!

How accepting Bitcoin

Talisman Charm, Potion Bottle, Found Object Pendant

Memory Vials and Talisman Pendants

Industrial Style Talisman pendants with flameworked stash wear vials.

  • All Happy Glass is READY TO GIFT in Beautiful crystal clear Food Grade (NO PLASTIC) packaging!
  • Hand Crafted Austin Art Glass vial – Borosilicate
  • high quality natural cork

From Wiki: “A talisman (Arabic: طلسم‎; transliterated: tilasim) is an object which is believed to contain certain magical properties which would provide good luck for the possessor and possibly offer protection from evil or harm.”

These works incorporate my favorite mixed media and found objects; anything from natural fibers like hemp to watch parts, gears, nuts, bolts and other industrial style media.
High quality findings and up-cycled industrial hardware are combined to compliment my Handblown art glass and sculpted clay creations.

STOMP the plastic habit with Austin’s Zero Waste hot glass Studio!

Join me at Sholz Garten – Working Artist – Let’s Meetup & Learn Alternative Currencies

Learn about Bitcoin – What it is? Should you accept it?


Decentalize all the things!This is an annual meeting held every Sunday. If that changes the above  link will reflect that information. I will RSVP to the meetings that I am attending to meet fellow artist and anyone interested in learning more.  Below is a brief description of my Meetup post explaining details of this event.

Who says you can’t teach an old dog NEW tricks?

Cryptocurrencies are fairly new and can be intimidating at first mention. This meetup will introduce you to Bitcoin – one of many cryptocurrencies in use today. You can learn very quickly how to start accepting the digital currency immediately for your goods or services. 

You will also learn who else accepts it so you have a place to spend your hard earned bitcoins! There are so many MORE options than I ever expected to have available! (INCLUDING FOOD TRUCKS that accept it!)

You will have an opportunity to “take the stage” (when you’re ready) to SHARE your business, site, music – product – service, whatever it is that you do with bitcoin.


Copyright PeteLongworth.com - 2012
Copyright PeteLongworth.com – 2012

A message from Lotte`: I’m usually lingering towards the front tables with new comers because I like to learn the new stuff and hear what others bring up that I may not have thought of yet. I always take advantage of the 30 second – 1 minute mic time offered to locals businesses to let everyone know what we’re doing with bitcoin – You’ll find me then… or look for some etched glass sweet leaf tea bottles on a table! I’ll be around them 🙂 See ya later!