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So…. In re-wording some area of my web content. I’ve been looking for a word.. a word that was unique and could help define what I create. A word other than “innovative”.
In this search – I happened to discover the definition of the term to be…
“Definition: change, adaptation
Synonyms: about-face, alteration, born again, change of heart, changeover, exchange, flip-flop, flux, growth, innovation, metamorphosis, metanoia, metasis, modification, novelty, passage, passing, permutation, progress, proselytization, qualification, reclamation, reconstruction, reformation, regeneration, remodelling, reorganization, resolution, resolving, reversal, see the light, switch, transfiguration, transformation, translation, transmogrification, transmutation, turning, turning around
Antonyms: idleness, sameness “

I DECIDED….. WHY on earth am I looking for a new word!

That’s it!

It may be cliché’ but Happy Hollow Glass is innovative! 🙂 And I like it 😉

I hope you do too!