About the Artist

Little Lotte`
– One Artist – One Life!
Original Logo Signature scan - Charlotte McGrath 2012-2013
This walk with a line would ultimately become the trademark footprint of Happy Hollow Glass
Planting everlasting seeds of inspiration since 1999!
– A seeker’s thought…  “The Footprint reminds us that these Master Teachers once resided in our earthly domain and shared Divine Wisdom with us. -And although these Master Teachers are gone their Teachings, Their Footprint, remains with us.”

Specializing in Functional Fine Art – Focused on Zero Waste! – Rethink Your Resources – 

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Handblown Glass, Austin, Texas, Zero Waste, Violin, Live Music, Local Events, Gardening, Food is Free, 100% Handcrafted, Home Canning, Preservation, Handmade, DIY, Barter/ Skill Trade, Sustainability, Coop, Couchsurf, TX Norml.

Skills and Techniques

Hands Up for Handcrafted!

  • Molten Glass including: Borosilicate (COE 33),  Soda Lime (COE 96)
  • Flamework/Lampwork, Glassblowing
  • Cold Work – Stained Glass (System 96), Lead & Foil Methods, Custom Window Design, Etching, fused, Mosaic, Glass/Bottle Cutting.
  • Mixed-Media, Found Object, Up-Cycle, Re-purpose, I just might use the kitchen sink Y’all!
  • Sculpture, Carving, Plaster, Clay, Molds
  • Pottery/Ceramics, Wheel Throwing, Hand-building, Pipe making
  • Original – Surreal Visual Art, Charcoal, Soft Pastel, Graphite, Wet and Dry
  • Ink and Fine Line
    • Tattoo
    • Rapidograph
    • Sharpie
    • Printer
  • Pretty much almost anything!

Everlasting Innovation – It keeps gettin’ better!   

Eeyores Birthday
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See the most recent [online version] of my resume HERE – I do my best to keep it accurate  – I’m one busy bee  …. Current Happy Hollow Glass events are always easy to find~ Check out recent posts! 😉

Artisan Crafted Glass by Lotte` – Online and On-Site @ Hairy Mosquito Trading Co., Milaca, Minnesota