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Handmade Candy Hearts for My Sweethearts – Molded White Chocolate Hearts

Let’s face it, handmade and from the heart just tastes better!

Today in Happy Hollow I am making Handmade Candy Hearts for My Sweethearts this Valentine’s day!

I scored this amazing silicone mold brand new at a local thrift shop and FINALLY got the chocolate to work with. I know for the quality here, I am definitely saving money as well. DIY for the win again!

I can’t wait to get some paste colors to turn the next batch pink. I may even throw in some greens and blues for my little boy sweethearts. I’m also going to experiment with painting the little “shine” red then adding the chocolate. I think it would make the perfect accent to these gleaming glossy Valentine’s hearts!

I’ve found the best way to melt chocolate is the double broiler. I don’t actually have one so I simply put a metal mixing bowl over a small pan of boiling water.  #RethinkYourResources. You could also use a small pot sitting over a slightly larger pot. The handles are more convenient than a mixing bowl!

Be sure you do NOT get any of your double broiler water in the chocolate or it will seize up into an un-usable crumbly mess.

I can’t wait to give these away to all my loves!

I want to see your handmade sweethearts too. Share in the comments below!

Make Your Own Stickers for Fun or Business. Save Money with DIY and Add a Handmade Personal Touch

No matter How much I shop around ~ I can’t beat the price of making my own cards, labels AND stickers!!!

Yes ~ as many colors as I choose – and even the solid black background!
I guess I’ll need to buy a bigger paper cutter 😛

Another perk is that I can change the design whenever I want at no additional cost and only a few minutes later I’ve got a fresh look for any season!

These are my all new waterproof stickers – printed right here at Happy Hollow Glass and 100% cut by a small scrap booking paper cutter with my own two hands!  Woot

STOMP the Plastic habit – BuyHappyGlass.com #RethinkYourResources