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Happy Hollow Hello – SXSW 2015 – with Little Lotte – Latest Video

Behind the scenes with Little Lotte` – Your one and only Happy Hollow Glass artist! In the studio and on the town. Live Glassblowing demos, South by Southwest, Austin, Texas – 2015 –

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Directed/Produced by: MidW3stBruhh

Music selections by Agent99 & MidW3stBruhh
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New Composition Presented by Midw3stBruhh Productions

New Composition Presented by Midw3stBruhh Productions – featuring new album art by Little Lotte`.

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Select album art by Little Lotte – (Yours truly! ) 🙂

MidW3stBruhh Productions
“Audible Art
This is Music From the Future”

I just got some JIMI HENDRIX Stamps – and I don’t use stamps… :-)

Jimi hendrix Hero Stamp - forever stamps

Rock. Jazz. Soul. Blues. Jimi.

First day of issue: March 13, 2014  Austin, TX

I could not pass these up for the collection. It’s been a bit dusty for awhile and I can’t say that I’ve invested anything into it in years so when I saw these vibrant beauties flash across my screen I took it as an opportunity to add to that collection! I will definitely be hanging on to these so it’s a good thing they’re forever stamps! Click the stamp to go the the USPS site and snag yours!