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Pave a new path – UNBOUNDED – Possibilities

Happy Hollow Hello Y’all~

This is a sneak peek of the  “Unbounded” collection coming soon by Little Lotte`.

They’re in the stars..

Unbounded 2/4
Just as it is designed to represent – This piece cannot physically be work backward; It is in continual forward motion – just like us!

Simply a quick post to say..  coincidence?  I think NOT! WHAT you ask? The long a and short of the story is that the piece shown below was completed yesterday as part of a very special gift package. The first of the UNBOUNDED collection. It is for a very dear friend whom – for the moment shall remain a mystery. I will say though – that I could barely contain my excitement in finally getting the whole thing finalized and off in the right direction.   All in good time~ What I can tell you is that today’s horoscope has further intensified all excitement in the studio!


The path ahead remains untraveled. Create your possibilities.

Do not be forced to decide which fork to take. Pave a new path – You are Unbounded!

-Little Lotte

This is a very special gift that was sent yesterday - oh the irony of today's horoscope!
This is a very special gift that was sent yesterday – oh the irony of today’s horoscope!
Daily Horoscope: February 26, 2014

You’re in luck — even more than usual, that is. Someone from a place you’ve always wanted to visit will be along shortly, complete with stories, maps and the possibility — no, probability — of an invitation to visit. What’s in YOUR Stars Today?

“In the Skin” – Salvador Dali`


It’s amazing what you can learn…. by simply recreating the work of a great master. This was an awesome experience and I had the privilege [or advantage?…] to view the original art work on display at MIA. I’m honored that at this time – my very own work {shown below} would be on display aside 1000’s of other Minnesota artists creations for the once in a decade opportunity to exhibit in the Museum during “Foot in the Door 4”, 2010.

Gallery Location:  129-05
Medium: Charcoal on stone-hedge paper
Year: 2010

Charlotte McGrath
Location: 129-05

There is a Method to my Madness….. “In the Skin….of Salvador Dali”

The link here will take you to my personal response on the entire experience as well as attempt to describe some things that seem to only be visible “for those with eyes to see…”  🙂 Dali’s life and work will in many ways continue to be a huge inspiration and reflection of my personal work.