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Reply to “emphasis” on Bitcoin concerns.

Member to Lotte`: “…your apparent emphasis on Bitcoin concerns me a little bit. 

I’m sure you’re aware that one of the main Bitcoin exchanges – Mt Gox in Japan – recently went bankrupt after discovering that something north of $400 million dollars in Bitcoins went missing and about five million in cash was seized by the FBI.

If you haven’t seen the excellent article in The Guardian, everyone should check it out:”…

Lotte` reply: Thanks for the comments – and no worries on the discouragement – I’ve learned to feed on it!

…of course I’m very aware of Mt Gox.

I’d like to point out a couple of lines simply to keep from scaring anyone away from the meetup for this event.

Please keep in mind there is NO “emphasis” on bitcoin – This is simply a meeting that can help introduce Bitcoin to those interested in learning what it is. No different than describing merchant services for Paypal, Visa, or anyone else running a small business in exchange for a currency of any sort. It is simply another payment option that is gaining traction QUICKLY.

Also – Please note the date of this article to be more than a month old – so I want to let everyone locally know that we NOW have 4 Bitcoin ATM’s RIGHT here in Austin!

Just to note a few lines for those who don’t actually read the article.

” its name, Mt Gox, stands for Magic the Gathering Online Exchange, where users traded cards for the game, giving bitcoins a place in the fringe-culture Venn diagram between Dungeons & Dragons and Renaissance faires. Fun stuff, but not really the stuff of mainstream legitimacy.”

That said – It seems clear to me how his argument becomes more compelling as it is described.

“This is why Mt Gox’s collapse is a boon for bitcoins. It clears out another attic full of ethical cobwebs from Bitcoin’s past. There are plenty of other bitcoin exchanges – who declined to bail out Mt Gox, according to Tim Fernholz at Quartz.”

Of course for all fellow artist out there – It is required that you do your own research when making any business decision.

 I hope that some of the information I provide will assist you all in either beginning or improving sales!

I personally handle a very small amount of transactions using bitcoin. I simply chose to become educated about it and have also chosen to open my doors to the slew of customers just waiting to spend their bitcoins on my products – any bitcoins in my account are exchanged into USD cash deposited into my bank daily. What’s to loose? 😉

Finally ~ I do hope to gain a group crowd over time – a permanent location for Happy Hollow will assist in that No Doubt! I am on a mission to find a permanent location and hope to host annual – recurring meeting and classes!

For now – I will continue trying to gather fellow Meetup artists and members at current meetings that – as a local small business and studio owner – successfully operating 4 online stores dedicated to glass alone – I find VERY valuable and worthwhile.

Please Join me! EVERYBODY! 😀

Join me at Sholz Garten – Working Artist – Let’s Meetup & Learn Alternative Currencies

Learn about Bitcoin – What it is? Should you accept it?


Decentalize all the things!This is an annual meeting held every Sunday. If that changes the above  link will reflect that information. I will RSVP to the meetings that I am attending to meet fellow artist and anyone interested in learning more.  Below is a brief description of my Meetup post explaining details of this event.

Who says you can’t teach an old dog NEW tricks?

Cryptocurrencies are fairly new and can be intimidating at first mention. This meetup will introduce you to Bitcoin – one of many cryptocurrencies in use today. You can learn very quickly how to start accepting the digital currency immediately for your goods or services. 

You will also learn who else accepts it so you have a place to spend your hard earned bitcoins! There are so many MORE options than I ever expected to have available! (INCLUDING FOOD TRUCKS that accept it!)

You will have an opportunity to “take the stage” (when you’re ready) to SHARE your business, site, music – product – service, whatever it is that you do with bitcoin.


Copyright - 2012
Copyright – 2012

A message from Lotte`: I’m usually lingering towards the front tables with new comers because I like to learn the new stuff and hear what others bring up that I may not have thought of yet. I always take advantage of the 30 second – 1 minute mic time offered to locals businesses to let everyone know what we’re doing with bitcoin – You’ll find me then… or look for some etched glass sweet leaf tea bottles on a table! I’ll be around them 🙂 See ya later!

How to get started using bitcoin.

How to get started:

Weather you have nothing more than a smart phone by way of technical devices – You are still completely capable of utilizing this NEW currency system in a matter of moments – Completely FREE! (With exception to the voluntary fee for faster transaction processing) 

You can start using Bitcoin RIGHT NOW!

There are incredible people, new friends and a multitude of networking opportunities available in the Bitcoin community.

~ Learn and Earn ~ Happy Glass

Learn: I encourage you to do your own research and see if Bitcoin is as welcome in your area as it is locally here in Austin. “New service providers are very much appreciated and actually help establish the currency!”  If you’re like me and already make on-line purchases and/or sales then you may find it even easier to incorporate into your routine!

Earn: (and give – BONUS!) Here’s an absolutely FANTASTIC way to put your first bitcoins to good use for a good cause and get a handcrafted “Your Name Here” Etched Glass – Up-cycled Water Bottle” made just for you by Lotte`!