How to get started using bitcoin.

How to get started:

Weather you have nothing more than a smart phone by way of technical devices – You are still completely capable of utilizing this NEW currency system in a matter of moments – Completely FREE! (With exception to the voluntary fee for faster transaction processing) 

You can start using Bitcoin RIGHT NOW!

There are incredible people, new friends and a multitude of networking opportunities available in the Bitcoin community.

~ Learn and Earn ~ Happy Glass

Learn: I encourage you to do your own research and see if Bitcoin is as welcome in your area as it is locally here in Austin. “New service providers are very much appreciated and actually help establish the currency!”  If you’re like me and already make on-line purchases and/or sales then you may find it even easier to incorporate into your routine!

Earn: (and give – BONUS!) Here’s an absolutely FANTASTIC way to put your first bitcoins to good use for a good cause and get a handcrafted “Your Name Here” Etched Glass – Up-cycled Water Bottle” made just for you by Lotte`!

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