YOUR NAME HERE – Etched Glass – Up-cycled Water Bottle for your Glass for Good donation.

Going for the Personalize Etched Water Bottle? YOU ROCK that Happy Glass!

This is one of many ways that I am trying to introduce bitcoin to customers and fellow artists as well as share the project which I intend to solely fund with it. 

Sweet Leaf Glass Bottles - Upcycled - Personalized and etched by Happy Hollow Glass ATX (11)ANYBODY who donates a minimum of $50.00 to the Glass for Good project will receive a “YOUR NAME HERE” permanently etched – Local – Up-cycled – glass Sweet Leaf bottle!!!! USA – shipping included so fill in the info!

Why I choose Sweet Leaf Tea Company &  Buddha’s Brew local Kombucha bottles.

[Sweet Leaf] is the producer of ready-to-drink organic teas and lemonades made with 100% pure cane sugar, headquartered in the Penn Field Business Park in the South Congress area of Austin, Texas

Upcycled Etched Glass Buddha's Brew Bottle By Lotte` Happy Hollow Glass (7)

“Buddha’s Brew Kombucha is born from the farmer’s markets of Austin, Texas.”

…and with “PEACE in the bottom of every bottle”, how could I resist that AWESOMENESS?

Little Lotte - what's tyhis google glass stuff How about Happy Hollow Glass Glasses
International donors please contact me for shipping if interested  😀

 What I see as a Zero Waste Glass Artist.

  • Glass <3
  •  “Grannyism” sayings under the cap  (Sweet Leaf):-)
  • PEACE on the bottom (Buddha’s Brew) <3
  • Both are Local
  • Bottles are 100% Up-Cycled
  • Sanitized and permanently etched.
  • With your $50 bitcoin donation you will receive a personalized Sweet Leaf glass bottle by Lotte`.
  • shipping included (USA & Puerto Rica okay).

Raw Material Donations  ~ “Glass for Good” is a project offering local non-profits high quality art glass goods for their fundraising efforts! Each is individually handcrafted by Little Lotte`.

Donate Now and I’ll send your bottle within the week! (min $50 to receive etched bottle) Scan the code or enter any amount below – BTC conversion will be done for you.

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